Verik Vancaskerkin

Deserter of the Korvosan Guard


Verik has a fit physique, piercing eyes, and a winning smile.


Vancaskerkin is in his early 20s, a man who escaped early from the streets of Riddleport to seek his fortune elsewhere. He left behind several brothers, but the only one who he misses is older Orik, a strong role model in Verik’s younger years. Last Verik heard, Orik had been forced to flee Riddleport as well, after some scandal involving a tiefling prostitute and an alchemist. Verik hopes some day to take the time to return to Riddleport and track down his brother, but for now, his secret duties to exotic Vimanda increasingly keep his attention.

Verik was also the lover of Vimanda Arkona. At her suggestion, he deserted the Guard at the outbreak of riots and set up shop at All the World’s Meat.

Verik Vancaskerkin

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