Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy - Part II

The death of Gaedren & A city in turmoil

The theme of this session is:

First off, after 2 sessions, we still have not had a critical hit or failure out of anyone, although we did have a critical threat tonight, there was no confirm on it. We begin still in The Old Fishery, in search of Gaedren Lamm. The group has discovered that he is “downstairs” and the best course of action is to head down the (now broken) boardwalk. The party has little trouble on the boardwalk, except for Sif, who is not very graceful, and nearly falls into the water to play with the shark again. Things get a bit dicey, but alas he makes it.


The group finds an old ship tied up to the fishery and Sif and Filarion decide it would be a fun idea to fall through the floor. After they fall, Darius and Drassilis head into the aft cabin and are jumped by A teeny-tiny-little drain spider, which they proceed in taking 4 rounds to kill. Keep in mind, this spider only had 2 HP. They finally finish off the spider and head downstairs, and encounter another group of 4 of the same spiders as above. Because of the sessions theme, I did not make Darius and Drassilis fight the spider on the upper deck and have Sif and Filarion fight the spiders on the lower deck at the same time (I was really close to doing this). Amazingly, not one spider landed an attack during either combat.

After a brief intermission while roll20 crapped out on us, the spider fights continued with sage advice from Filarion:

I recommend hitting it.

Once the party found out the spiders have an AC > 20, they decided to help each other out using aid another, instead of trying to ‘lone wolf’ it, and they finally succeed. One thing the group did learn from the fight, during a monster lore knowledge check, is always ask for the monsters’ mother’s maiden name in an attempt to steal the monster’s identity in hopes of getting more loot off of it.

During the spider fights, Sif decided he was going to create water to drown the spiders, as well as Drassilis’ Compsognathus. However, again (because of the nights theme), I decided not to drown the compy because he has a swim speed. I don’t know how I worked the logic out for that since, as The Doctor once said “Humans are 60% water, you can still drown” so having a swim speed doesn’t mean you can’t drown. Anyways, I’m generous.

After defeating the spiders, the group moved along the underdock and (see theme) Filarion was allowed to make an Intelligence check to remember that the pier breaks. Clearly, PC’s have better memories than the players do (also it was only about 30 minutes or so in game time since they last fell through the pier). Now, as I write this, I do realize that the only reason the players knew not to double-move was because I told them about the mechanics of the pier above after they were done with it. But either way, we move along.

The group finally finds Gaedren Lamm,, and after hurling some taunts at them (and trying to convince Darius to kill the rest of the group), they finally have enough of his shenanigans and are able to “take care of him” in a fairly easy fashion. The party finds a bevy of treasure that Gaedren had accumulated, including a brooch stolen from the Queen, which freaked them out a bit. During the sorting of the treasure, Jordan has an interesting argument (with himself since he was playing both characters) between Sif and Darius about who gets to detect magic. Another item the group found among Gaedren’s loot, was an oil of keen edge, which I think made Jordan orgasm a little when the item description was read.

Once all the loot was sorted and gathered, they learned that their fortune-teller friend Zellara had really been dead all along. The group then decided to sleep overnight in the crusty old fishery to allow Gaedren to heal up, which just so happened to bring him up to 1 hp. Tied and bound, the group questioned him a bit, before Darius took over

For all of the heinous crimes you have committed, I hereby sentence you to death. May Belphagor torture your soul

at which point he put a crossbow bolt through the back of Gaedren’s skull and fed his body to his own pet alligator.

The group exits the fishery and proceeds to have an 8 minute discussion about what to do with the queen’s brooch, ultimately deciding to bury it below the fishery. Once they were ready to proceed, they were informed that the King has died and the city is now in chaos and burning, causing them to immediately decide to dig up the brooch and keep it with them.

As they proceeded back to Zellara’s home, Darius was approached (and charged at) by a mad prophet, who he narrowly avoided. To what end, I’m not sure, but Darius decides to brand the “prophet’s” face with the symbol of Belphagor, before moving along. He also branded the symbol into the walls of the fishery before leaving prompting twitch viewer Spikes799 to compare Darius to “The Wet Bandits” from the movie “Home Alone.” The group next comes across a riot mob tormenting a young noble, Amin Jalento. Darius then, for once, “politely” intimidates the group to rescue young Amin.

As they proceed, the group is next chased by a large riot mob forcing them to flee and split up. Drassilis hopped a courtyard wall, ran through the open wall, attempted to squeeze into a narrow back alley but was unable, before finally escaping up a (not as) narrow stairway. Filarion ducked down a log back alleyway and attempted to engineer his way through a doorway but was unable, ran down a second, more uneven, alleyway, before finally heading out onto a paved street walkway where he was able to blend in with others and lose the mob. Sif immediately tried to bust down the first door he saw but was unable to, at which point he took off through an archway tunnel, scaled an uneven stone wall, and escaped over another courtyard wall. Darius, as luck would have it, was able to immediately hop a side brick wall and engineer his way through a locked door to be the first to escape the mob.

Once everyone got away cleanly (thus securing their treasure), they returned to Zellara’s home where she reveals herself to them and that she has indeed been dead the whole time, as well as her true purpose for bringing them together. She informs the group that she will continue to aid them through the use of her harrow deck and may, on occasion, appear to them as a major image.

It is here that the group hunkers down in her house to let some of the initial civil unrest die down before heading to a merchant to sell their loot and collect their money, where they learn that there is actually a substantial reward for returning the queen’s brooch, which is where the session concluded. We will see what happens next time.

Final Numbers:

  • Players killed: 0
  • Rounds spent fighting spiders: 7
  • Throats slit: 0
  • Executing style killings: 1
  • Minutes spent arguing about a brooch: 8
  • “Brandings”: 2
  • Penis jokes: 2
  • “Home Alone” references: 1

Next session: Sun 11/16/14 8:00 PM MST (GMT -7) – Watch live on Twitch



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