Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy - Part I

Haunted Fortunes & The Old Fishery

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And so the adventure begins. Unfortunately, our adventure begins down one player. Due to a family conflict (and the fact that he’s kind of an idiot and forgot about our game), Alex was unable to join us for the first night. That didn’t stop the group though. Dan stepped up played both his and Alex’s character like the bro he is.

During some (not so) brief character introductions, we gain some insight into our PC’s and learn the history of our adventurer’s, including that Filarion was apparently protrayed by Mark Wahlberg in “The Fighter”. After their introductions (which I had everyone do before they got actually got together as a group), each of our players find a mysterious Harrow card with a message written on it. The messages lead them to the house of Zellara, a Varisian Fortune Teller. It is there that she explains her history with the notorious Gaedren Lamm and the reason she brought them all together: their shared history with him as well. After Sif, Filarion, and Darius all partake in a Harrow reading (detailed below), the group heads to the Old Fishery which Zellara has identified as Gaedren’s current hideout.

Upon arriving at the Fishery, Darius’ first instinct is to apparently make as much noise as possible, and attempts to kick down the front door. The door is solidly locked from the inside and is kick only serves to rile up the dog that is inside (and whatever/whoever else may be in there that they can’t hear). Filarion decides to take a look around the outside of the building, peering in through some windows that aren’t windows (they are in fact doors) and some windows that are actually boarded over – his perception skills are pretty amazing apparently. As Filarion walks along the rickety boardwalk, Drassilis comes to join him causing the boards to creak and groan under their weight. Not taking head to this warning, they both continue to walk along only have the boardwalk give way dropping them both into the (as it turns out) shark-infested waters below. Ok, so maybe 1 shark isn’t an infestation, but still…there’s a shark in the water. Both players are able to make it out of the water onto the land, but not before the shark noms down on Drassilis, who returns the favor by punching the shark in the nose. Sadly, this does not have the affect that all of the “What to do if you’re ever attacked by a shark” survival guides claim that it does.

Shortly after “Close Encounters of the Shark Kind”, the front doors to the fishery open inwards revealing the dog they heard barking earlier and one of Gaedren’s thugs, Yargin Balko. After Darius demoralizes Yargin, the party (cruelly) decides to take out the dog first. Making short work of the dog, the party turns their attention to Yargin. In a clever use of his Command spell, Darius forces Yargin to approach him thus eating an AoO from Filarion in the process. After the AoO, the kill shot went to Sif (the divine caster) who hit with 7 damage from his crossbow. Once the party was done rummaging through the body of Yargin and seeing no other purpose it can serve, Darius (being the lawful evil character he is) decides it is necessary to slit the throat of Yargin. This really is a family-friendly game.

A quick search of a couple rooms leads the party to the Upper Workfloor room, with 4 “children” slaving away. Within a couple rounds, the party quickly realizes that one of the kids is not a kid, but rather one of Gaedren’s thugs in disguise, a gnome rogue by the name of Hookshanks. As he tried to escape, in a MGTFOOI (Meta-gaming the fuck out of it) moment, Darius Daemonblood “shoots him in his stupid face” and “kills his stupid face.” After the battle, Sif and the rest of the party convince the kids to let them take them to an orphanage, earning them bonus XP for “properly rescuing” the kids. As the rest of the party is dealing with the children, Darius kneels over the unconscious body of Hookshanks and says to him

I find you guilty of holding indentured slaves and of working with Gaedren Lamm, the penalty of which is death. May your soul lie in torment with the dark prince Belphagor

and slits his throat.

The party moves on towards the Fishery floor where 5 children are slaving away under the watchful eye of Giggles. However, as the group enters, Giggles is much more successful at intimidating the children to attack the party than Hookshanks was, and the party finds themselves not only facing the giggling half-orc but also surprisingly being shanked by some of Lamm’s Lambs with daggers. Unfortunately, early efforts to diplomacize with the children were unsuccessful. The party had little trouble dispatching Giggles thanks in large part due to a max damage hit by Filarion with his longbow. After taking out Giggles, the party is successful in convincing the children to let them take the kids to an orphanage as well as the children begin to flee.

The party rested for the evening after this battle, yet to Find Gaedren Lamm, but armed now with the knowledge that he is “downstairs” and carrying something that is masterwork (thanks in part to the confusion of the GM between magic weapons and masterwork weapons when Sif cast detect magic). We will see what happens next time.

Final Numbers:

  • Players killed: 0
  • Harrow readings: 3
  • Sharks fought: 1
  • Dogs killed: 1
  • Throats slit: 2
  • Mark Wahlberg references: 1

Next session: Thu 11/13/14 9:00 PM MST (GMT -7) – Watch live on Twitch

Harrowing details:


Darius’ Harrow reading is rife with warnings about his quest for his power. There are those around him who can assist him in his quest, but many of his cards came with warnings or cautionary tales.

Role Card: The Cricket

  • The Liar: Love at it’s most treacherous. Represents his quest to regain his lost power from his past.
  • The Teamster: Indicates a driving external force in your present. Something unclear and external is driving him to regain his power.
  • The Publican: Represents camaraderie, and those around him who can aid him in his quest.
  • The Marriage: A union of persons or ideas. Those around him are perhaps there to aid him in his quest.
  • The Lost: Emptiness and loss of identity. Troubling that it is in his future column, and that he may never regain his power. Warns him to be wary of The Lost.

All of Sif’s cards had insight into his journey and quest. His harrow reading was indeed very powerful. Sif’s harrow reading indicated that his entire past was based around, and heavily affected by the death of his father.

Role Card: The Demon’s Lantern

  • The Tyrant: A paternal influence has brought you pain. This could be the loss of his father, or it could be a result of his partnership with Gaedren Lamm.
  • The Paladin: Standing fast in adversity. With the loss of his father, The Paladin taught him to be strong and provide for his family.
  • The Lost: Signifies emptiness and loss of identity. He is having trouble dealing with the death of your father.
  • The Owl: Wisdom of the natural order. The Owl is a positive sign for Sif, that he, or his party, will have insight into his journey.
  • The Midwife: New life and new information. She represents the new life of the adventuring party, old friends coming together again.
  • The Snakebite: Poisonous powers and ideas. Be wary of these powers and ideas that enter your mind.
  • The Juggler: Fate, the gods, and those who play with the lives and destinies of others. He represents a positive future event and that fate will be on his side.

Filarion is still haunted by the loss of his lover and the toll it took on him. The cards also gave him a warning of a major calamity to come in his present, and that he will achieve his goal, but it may come at a great cost.

Role Card: The Demon’s Lantern

  • The Vision: Represent’s arcane knowledge. Strange for a fighter to draw this card. Such knowledge can often take the form of madness. The Vision for Filarion represents an unclear past and the madness it represents is from when his lover was taken from him.
  • The Fiend: Many losses in a calamity. The Fiend represents a negative present event and is foreshadowing this calamity coming very soon.
  • The Unicorn: What you seek is yours. With The Unicorns position, although what he seeks will be his, it may come to him at a great cost.



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